It has been over a year since we released our first trailer for Tengami. The first trailer did a good job at showing the game’s atmosphere, calm and tranquil nature, as well as showing off the beautiful art. It didn’t explain how you play Tengami very well. With the new trailer we wanted to focus more on showing people how you interact with Tengami’s pop-up book world and give a glimpse at some of the puzzles you encounter. As such we thought it was important to show a real person play the game and being able to see what the fingers do on the touch screen.
We teamed up with Matthew Taylor of 2 Player Game to make the new trailer. The ‘real life’ footage was shot this fall in a Japanese garden near Nottingham. Since then the game made further progress on the visual side, which is why the on iPad footage does not always look exactly like the in game footage. The model/actress in the movie was deliberately chosen as not Japanese, as we wanted to underline that Tengami is a game that can be enjoyed by people regardless of nationality and background.

Hope you enjoy the new trailer!


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