Tengami Wii U launch trailer

In a few hours Tengami will be available throughout Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. It will also have its own Miiverse community, that I will be visiting regularly in case you got any questions about the game.
I have an official developer account. Here is a link to my profile. Hope many of you will use the beautiful Miiverse stamps we created.

In the meantime there is not much to be done, but have a look at Tengami’s Wii U launch trailer.

If you per-ordered the desktop version then keep an eye on your inbox. We will send out download links for the PC&MAC version as soon it is live on the Humble backend.

2 thoughts on “Tengami Wii U launch trailer

  1. To Jennifer or whom it may concern

    My name is Mitchell and I am the president of FANatics Gaming. We run a Nintendo website http://www.nintendofanaticsgaming.com and would like to request an interview. I purchased your game and have found it enjoyable to this point. We would love to share that with our viewers. I am also a big supporter of new start-ups. I look forward to your response.

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