Just a few moments ago Tengami became available for sale on Steam, the Mac AppStore and a variety of other stores, thanks to our partners at Plug-In-Digital. During launch week Tengami will be 25% off. I will post links to the other store pages, at the bottom of this post, as they go live throughout the next 24 hours. Hope you will enjoy the game and I look forward to reading player reactions.

Here is the ‘customary’ launch trailer for the PC & Mac version.


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11 Responses to Tengami is now available on Steam

  1. Konstantin says:

    I bought the game through Steam but I can’t play it because I have Windows XP on my PC. So I’m interested in the release date of the game on Android.

  2. nancy k. says:

    I bought the game through humblebundle November 2014. Counld i have steam key too ?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Nancy,

      sure. Would you please email me at: contact (at) nyamyam (dot) com or through our Contact form ?

  3. Smorri says:

    What’s the ETA for the GoG release? Thanks.

    • Jennifer says:

      I can’t say exactly. They have the game and are working on including it on the store as far as I know. Hopefully it will be available soon.

  4. nancy k. says:

    contact mail have been sent 5 days ago.
    ( sent from yahoo mail )
    still no response.
    help! /w

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I replied to your email right away and double checked the email address just now. All seems fine. Could you please check your Spam folder?

  5. nancy k. says:

    still no email. maybe Yahoo mail problem ?
    I’m going to email you with another email address.

    • Jennifer says:


      I just replied to your email with the Steam key. If you don’t get the email, would you email me your Steam user name? I can friend you and message the key through Steam.

      Sorry about the hassle, hope you get the email this time.