Tengami release plan update

Here is an update on our release plans. In some interviews earlier this year I said that we were hoping to release Tengami this August and we stated on the website for a long time that a release is planned for the summer. While Tengami is definitely coming out this year we still have a fair amount of work to do and therefore we won’t be releasing this summer. We are sorry for making you wait so long, but we have spent almost 3 years on Tengami now and want to keep working on it until we feel it is ready.

If you sign up at the bottom we will send you an email as soon as we have a fixed release date.

Tengami is still coming out on iOS first and shortly after on Wii U, PC and Mac. More platforms are possible, but we have our hands full with these four for now. If there is a specific platform you would like to see Tengami come to, let us know in the comments though.

Phil is doing some initial work on Tengami’s Wii U version, while Ryo and I are finishing off the ocean level. After that we want to make one more level, which will make for a total of 3 levels in the final game.


15 thoughts on “Tengami release plan update

    1. Yes, it will. We want to release as an universal app. Currently it is running on iPad2 and newer, iPhone4S, iPhone5 and corresponding iPod Touch.

  1. Are you going to release it later on Android?
    Because, well, to hide this beauty from other mobile/tablet owners is some kind of a crime =)

    1. Android has been suggested to us a few times and we are not ruling it out. I will be able to give you a definite yes/no answer about this at the end of the year.

      1. Thanks for your answer.

        Nice to hear, that you don’t rule out the possibility of Android version. I’m sure, that you game will become a great hit on this platform. Will be waiting for your decision!

  2. How will you guys be using the Wii U gamepad? Anything more than off-tv play?

    Regardless, looking forward to your release! Stay strong! 🙂

    1. You control the game with the GamePad, either finger or stylus. To move the character you tap where you want him to go. There are “touch” points on the pop-ups that you can drag to unfold/fold them. Think, sliding your finger across the screen, similar to how you would open a book (if you ever opened a book with just a single finger 😉 ).
      We are experimenting with use of the D-Pad and Analog Sticks for character movement, but it is too early to tell whether this will make it into the final game. I think it is safe to say Tengami will make heavy use of the GamePad, folding the world feels best if you do it with your finger.

    1. I think Tengami will be a good match for the Vita because it supports touch. Not so sure about the PS3, because it might be quite unnatural to play the game with a controller. I will add the Vita to the list of hardware to strongly consider for a port!

  3. I would advise against releasing it on android because you’re more likely to end up loosing money. Also, as much as my wallet would like this game to be 99cents, please don’t let this game go for less than $10. Seriously, you guys are so talented and have put so much effort into it, that it deserves a “high” price tag (I put that in inverted commas because $10 is such a low price when you consider full retail games go for up to $100 AUD).

    Platforms to release game on:
    -3ds: seriously this would look so good in 3d!
    -Windows RT/ 8/ phone App Store: this is a lot safer than android, and windows 8/ RT deserves some good app because its such a promising platform

    1. Price is always a tricky question. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

      3DS could make a good fit for Tengami, I agree. The only problem with it ‘might’ be that because the hardware is not that powerful porting could take a long time to optimize the game for it. The 3Ds has been suggested a couple of times, so we will definitely look into it.

  4. Thanks for the quick reply Jennifer- you make some good points about the 3DS, I definitely understand that it may not be feasible: what I am thankful for is that it will be on one Nintendo platform, and that’s more than I can ask given the talent involved in making this beautiful game. It will be good to see some rareware talent back on a Nintendo platform!

  5. Is Tengami coming to the iPod Touch fourth generation and/or iPhone 4? It’s a really good game, and would like to see it coming to these devices. Especially that there are many games out there that are a heck of super graphics and still run on these devices. And you could do memory optimizations just for the sake of making the game run on it. It would be a disappointment, as millions of people have iPod touch 4 right now.

    1. I think it is unlikely that we will support iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th generation at launch, just because the additional optimization work would just delay release even further. With that being said, I don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t spend time optimizing Tengami later on to see if we can make it available on those devices as well. The more devices we can support, the better. Hope that works for you.

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