A lot has happened in the past couple of months and we are quite good at spreading news through our Twitter and Facebook presences, but have been terrible at updating the blog. My apologies!

Thanks to your votes on Steam Greenlight, Tengami made it through in record time. This means the Windows and OSX versions will launch on Steam, alongside the Humble Store, Mac AppStore and the various other online stores out there. This is especially good news for everyone who pre-ordered, as they will receive a Steam key in addition to the Humble Store key. These are not tied to your name, so feel free to give them to friends and family, or sell them. Work on the game is progressing well and we should be able to give you a release date in August.

Wii U
The version is finished (yay!!!) and we are preparing to go into Lotcheck, Nintendo’s certification process that is required for all games before they are allowed to go on sale. Before that can happen we have to get age ratings for Tengami though. The game is with the various rating organizations around the globe and it is really just a matter of waiting now. The process can take up 3 weeks and there is unfortunately not much we can do to speed it up.

Last week we submitted an update to Apple that adds a few new features, such as the ability to manage the game settings for iCloud and Music. The character walk speed will be slightly faster and we fixed a number of minor issues with the Italian and Chinese localization.
Once the update gets approved by Apple I will send out the promised iOS codes.

Award Nominations
Tengami was nominated at the BIG Festival in Brazil for Best Art and Best Music. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the festival, but heard that it was fantastic. Best Art and Best Music Composition are also the categories Tengami is nominated for in the Develop Awards, which will take place tomorrow in Brighton/UK.


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As work on the PC & Mac versions is progressing smoothly we thought it would be a good time to start our Steam Greenlight campaign. Steam is one of the biggest PC gaming stores in the world. Without having our game on Steam it would be very difficult to sell a significant amount of Tengami’s desktop version. We would immensely appreciate it if you took a few moments to vote for Tengami. If you don’t have a Steam account yet, you can sign up for free. Another way to support Tengami is by sharing the news via your social media accounts. Thank you!

What is “Steam Greenlight”?
In a nutshell it is a system in which the store’s customers vote for the games they would like to see being available on Steam. There is no obligation to actually buy the game when it comes out.

What if Tengami doesn’t get onto Steam?
We are committed to releasing Tengami for PC & Mac regardless of the outcome of this campaign.


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The Tengami Soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and various other stores on the internet. The album contains 14-tracks in total, 12 from the game, one unused track and a medley. All music was composed and recorded by David Wise, who joined the Tengami development team in the very early stages and continued to work with us through the entire development phase. We are absolutely thrilled to finally share the result of our collaboration with you. A preview of the album is possible by watching the video below.


If you purchase the album through Bandcamp you will receive an 8-page digital booklet in PDF format. Please note that this is not the case on any of the other stores. Except for Bandcamp, we are not directly in control of album and single track prices, because of that you might see slight variations in the pricing across the various music stores.


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David Wise’s fantastic soundtrack will officially launch next week Thursday, April the 17th. It will be initially available through Bandcamp and the Humble store. We have partnered up with TuneCore to release the soundtrack on many more stores like iTunes or Amazon MP3 and will let you know once that happens.

Everyone who pre-ordered the soundtrack will be able to get it a few days early. I have sent it to the Humble team this morning, who will hopefully make it available very soon. No need to check your account though, as you will receive an email when the soundtrack is ready for download. The soundtrack will be available in MP3-format (48000khz, 320kbs, Stereo, CBR) and Flac-format (48000khz, 24Bit). In addition it will come with an 8-page digital booklet in PDF format.

The final tracklist contains every song from the game plus a bonus track (Into The Light) and a medley.

Tengami OST album art

  1. The Awakening (02:13)
  2. The Pale Moonlight (02:36)
  3. Into The Darkness (02:14)
  4. Dreams Unfolding (02:27)
  5. Crimson Leaves (02:54)
  6. Five Stories To Heaven (01:35)
  7. Blossoms Falling (03:31)
  8. Frozen In Time (04:39)
  9. Loneliness (03:26)
  10. Ocean Breeze (02:01)
  11. The Passage (02:07)
  12. Reflections (03:22)
  13. Into The Light (Bonus Track, not used in game) (03:03)
  14. Tengami Medley (05:11)


The Humble team just informed me the soundtrack is available now. Log in to your Humble Store account here and then go to “My Library”. The soundtrack can be found under “Other Purchases”. Enjoy!


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If you have questions that are not hint or walkthrough related email us through the contact form or leave a comment here. We will try to answer as fast as we can. Please do not ask general questions in the walkthrough post, as this makes it harder for people to find the answers they are looking for.
Thank you!


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