Tengami Soundtrack

Tengami Soundtrack

The Tengami soundtrack composed by David Wise contains every song from the game plus a bonus track (Into The Light) and a medley. It is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and a variety of other stores as a digital download. You can listen to a preview of the entire album by watching the video or using the SoundCloud player.


  1. The Awakening (02:13)
  2. The Pale Moonlight (02:36)
  3. Into The Darkness (02:14)
  4. Dreams Unfolding (02:27)
  5. Crimson Leaves (02:54)
  6. Five Stories To Heaven (01:35)
  7. Blossoms Falling (03:31)
  8. Frozen In Time (04:39)
  9. Loneliness (03:26)
  10. Ocean Breeze (02:01)
  11. The Passage (02:07)
  12. Reflections (03:22)
  13. Into The Light (Bonus Track, not used in game) (03:03)
  14. Tengami Medley


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