The Tengami Soundtrack is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and various other stores on the internet. The album contains 14-tracks in total, 12 from the game, one unused track and a medley. All music was composed and recorded by David Wise, who joined the Tengami development team in the very early stages and continued to work with us through the entire development phase. We are absolutely thrilled to finally share the result of our collaboration with you. A preview of the album is possible by watching the video below.


If you purchase the album through Bandcamp you will receive an 8-page digital booklet in PDF format. Please note that this is not the case on any of the other stores. Except for Bandcamp, we are not directly in control of album and single track prices, because of that you might see slight variations in the pricing across the various music stores.


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David Wise’s fantastic soundtrack will officially launch next week Thursday, April the 17th. It will be initially available through Bandcamp and the Humble store. We have partnered up with TuneCore to release the soundtrack on many more stores like iTunes or Amazon MP3 and will let you know once that happens.

Everyone who pre-ordered the soundtrack will be able to get it a few days early. I have sent it to the Humble team this morning, who will hopefully make it available very soon. No need to check your account though, as you will receive an email when the soundtrack is ready for download. The soundtrack will be available in MP3-format (48000khz, 320kbs, Stereo, CBR) and Flac-format (48000khz, 24Bit). In addition it will come with an 8-page digital booklet in PDF format.

The final tracklist contains every song from the game plus a bonus track (Into The Light) and a medley.

Tengami OST album art

  1. The Awakening (02:13)
  2. The Pale Moonlight (02:36)
  3. Into The Darkness (02:14)
  4. Dreams Unfolding (02:27)
  5. Crimson Leaves (02:54)
  6. Five Stories To Heaven (01:35)
  7. Blossoms Falling (03:31)
  8. Frozen In Time (04:39)
  9. Loneliness (03:26)
  10. Ocean Breeze (02:01)
  11. The Passage (02:07)
  12. Reflections (03:22)
  13. Into The Light (Bonus Track, not used in game) (03:03)
  14. Tengami Medley (05:11)


The Humble team just informed me the soundtrack is available now. Log in to your Humble Store account here and then go to “My Library”. The soundtrack can be found under “Other Purchases”. Enjoy!


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If you have questions that are not hint or walkthrough related email us through the contact form or leave a comment here. We will try to answer as fast as we can. Please do not ask general questions in the walkthrough post, as this makes it harder for people to find the answers they are looking for.
Thank you!


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We have started working on an official Tengami walkthrough, as well as an in game hint system. The first version of the forest and mountain walkthroughs are up. I will update this post as more walkthroughs become available.

Link: Tengami Forest Walkthrough (Staircase, Wolf, Wind-chime tree, crest piece, lanterns, …)
Link: Tengami Mountain Walkthrough (Pagoda, 8 bells, …)
Link: Tengami Ocean Walkthrough (Lighthouse, Shipwreck, Sword & Mirror, …)


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Update 25/02/2014:

After further investigation it doesn’t appear to be a glitch in Tengami. Please have a look at the list below:

  1. Check that the mute button is not accidentally enabled.
  2. If you recently upgraded you might be suffering from a glitch in iOS7. Follow this link to learn how to fix it.
  3. If none of the above work please email us with info about your iDevice (model, iOS version number and whether you can hear sounds in other games or not). Thank you.

Some people are reporting problems with not hearing any sound in Tengami. This seems to be a common iOS7 problem and here is a link to the Apple Support Community where someone describes how to fix it. We are looking into the issue and will try to address it an update as soon as possible. We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

Tengami currently doesn’t provide any hints, so just keep emailing us your questions, we are more than happy to answer. Eventually we will provide a proper guide and if desired in game hints. Let us know in the comments what your preference is.


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